Protecting Your Assets in Self Storage

Published on 2/2/2023
A fire recently occurred at another facility in Apple Valley, reminding everyone of the importance of  proper fire mitigation systems and Tenant Protection Plans.  Some older facilities do not have automatic fire mitigation, allowing fires to quickly spread to neighboring units if they occur.  Sometimes, however, disasters are unavoidable so keeping proper insurance and/ or Tenant Protection Plans in place is always recommended.

Gopher State Storage-Apple Valley is equipped with a brand-new fire suppression system in every building.  The system is designed to put out a fire in any particular unit before it is able to spread to another.  Only the sprinkler head in the affected unit(s) is engaged so neighboring units don't get doused (unlike what you see in the movies)!  In addition, it is always prudent to carry either renter's insurance or purchase a Tenant Protection Plan for additional coverage in the event of fire, storm damage, theft, etc.  Gopher State offers several levels of Tenant Protection to suit your needs: